Huaka'i, nā Hana Tapiata

Aloha! It's huaka'i time and that means I get out of the concrete jungle and into the 'aina (whenua/land).

On Wednesday, there were no lectures, no workshops and instead the WiPC:E attendees ventured out to all different parts of Oahu on huaka'i (excursions) to work, learn, taste and fell the mauri of the 'aina.

My huaka'i took me to Kahalu'u to work kalo (taro) patches and learn about how the community is making a collective effort to live off the land and say no to commercial foods! Ka mau te wehi! But it was so much more than that, we also learned about the behaviour of the 'aina which is at the base of the Ko'opua ranges and how the clouds, the stream and even Kanaloa (ocean) interact with each other.

I learnt SO many things! But one of the main things would be an appreciation for the kanaka o Hawaii who live with and are their environment. They know when to harvest crops according to the way the clouds move, they know that kalo, kalo lau (leaves) and other native plants have the perfect balance of nutrition they need. All inherent knowledge, passed down from their kupuna (elders) and from the environment itself to them to pass down to future generations.

Mahalo nui

Hana Tapiata

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