Te Papa Tākaro o Te Arawa


TPTOTA encourages iwi development across the Te Arawa region through wellness and healthy lifestyle promotion, physical activity, kaupapa Te Arawa/Māori approaches, programmes and events. TPTOTA is an organisation the community can access support and assistance in building capacity and developing solutions for community needs.


Hei oranga mo te tangata matapoporetia \ A persons wellbeing is paramount

(Nā Wihapi Te Kanohimohoao Winiata i tuku mai)


Our organisational kaupapa or philosophy works to motivate and inspire positive change. Our philosophy is key to our ongoing successes, it is an integral statement as a basis for collective change and is a driving force behind creating wellbeing opportunities for all people.  TPTOTA’s philosophical driving force is to put our people and their health at the forefront of all activity.


Herea te weri kia kiki, kia kore e matata \ Keep kin ties close upon the cloak of the people

(Nā Te Ariki Morehu i tuku mai)


Our mission is to encourage the improvement of health and wellbeing through:

       - Delivering dynamic, bold, cutting edge Te Arawa             centric services and programmes

       - Assisting the improvement of the health status of          those currently disadvantaged

      - Providing access to our services, programmes and          events at minimal to no cost

      - Increasing opportunities and involvement in                  sports, physical activity, improving nutrition                   and reducing obesity


Te Arawa Toiora, Te Arawa Hauora, Te Arawa Tangata...e

Te Arawa: empowered through Toiora and Māori development ...

(nā ngā kaimahi o Te Papa Tākaro o Te Arawa i hanga)


Our vision is to contribute to Te Arawa's great health and wellbeing through high levels of positive activity.  TPTOTA operates with in a Te Arawa/Māori philosophical framework, holistic delivery methodologies, group culture and through principle based engagement strategies. TPTOTA also operates from Te Arawa kawa and tikanga which underpin a set of core values.












Arikitanga – (PROSPERITY)

High performance, higher learning and focused support with enhanced collective strategies.


Rangatiratanga – (ADVOCACY)

Supporting the individual and group growth by allowing supported exploration in multi-layered opportunities.


Manaakitanga – (DISCOVERY)

Responsibility for role modelling and expertise pooling, tuakana/teina principles apply in forming growth opportunities.


Whakapapa –– (PROCESS)

Cycle of learning, connection to the land, people and project and sustainable matrix of engagement protocols.


Whanaungatanga –– (PARTICIPATION)

Communal responsibility from all members and commitment to common goals.


Te Arawa