Kai Taketake

For over 17 months Paora Hurihanganui has been experimenting with traditional Māori and Te Arawa diets; unpacking the psychological and physical effects while undertaking a traditional diet himself as well as defining spiritual and deity connectors.


Paora has returned to a diet of foods that are indigenous to Aotearoa (pre-European) and foods that  were brought to Aotearoa by his ancestors aboard the Te Arawa waka.  He has noted major physical, psychological and spiritual developments as well as performing in excellence under extreme conditions


Modern diets are detrimental to the potentiality of indigenous health and wellbeing.  Paora believes that the gene memory of an individual and their closet DNA collective serves best when modern dietary behaviours are established on traditional practices and traditional eating is as closely replicated as possible in current conditions.


Supporting this development is an increased awareness of the relationship between the natural environment and the belief system of Te Arawa understanding of engaging with the environment through Atua (Environmental Deities).


As food is influenced by its natural surrounding environments, so too are we equally influenced by the same environment.  Overtime, Paora (and others) have analyzed the physical and nutritional developments of Atua Kai against the cycles and phases of the moon and how energy transferal is influenced and environmental factors various modes of fasting.


Paora has also explored the passive, active and aggressive behavioural traits of different animals within the diet and the effects this may have on one’s physical outputs.


Despite being in early experimental times, there is much more to explore including: the notion of diet being based on the raw and rotten extremes of eating and not on cooked food only.


Te Arawa


He Kinaki Korero